Tourism brings unknown Buddhist valley to light

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buddhist-valley-to-lightA valley never known before was hidden in the Himalayas for centuries as a Buddhist territory and was impermissible for outsiders. Situated 4000 meters above the sea level, this territory all of a sudden developed with asphalt roads, solar panels, concrete buildings and other marks of modernization.

This is drawing a large number of foreign visitors now compared to last year, as confirmed by the co-founder of eco-tourism. 70% of these visitors are from India because Indians do not require special permit. The people in the valley are welcoming this change, and hence, influx of tourists in this place. They are willing to turn their houses into home stays and it’s helping in business tourism.

The residents here are renting their houses to the travelers during summers, and with this money, they are paying for schooling for their kids. Half of the annual income of these residents is dependent on tourism and the rest is earned by traditional channels like agriculture, herding etc. Also, it is helping spread of Buddhism in this hilltop village.

On the flipside, the villagers are apprehensive that the sewage from the toilets will be deposited in Spiti river and cause environmental hazards. Many people here are of the opinion that mass tourism and increasing trade with cities is working as a deterrent against the culture of this place.

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