Milestone Himalayan Travel Mart Kicks off Today

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TT Correspondence, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) will hold its first International Himalayan Travel Mart this year from June 1-4. The four day event will be held at Hotel Soaltee with 230 participants from over 50 countries expected to attend. This event will draw international travel bloggers, travel buyers and sellers together to promote and establish Nepal as the Gateway to the Himalayas.

Suman Pandey, President of PATA’s Nepal Chapter said the objective of the event is to publicize Nepal as a tourist friendly destination. Pandey said Issues that affected Nepal’s tourism such as the 2015 Earthquake and Indian trade embargo will also be addressed.

Guests of the event have already toured major tourist destinations in Nepal such as Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara and Lumbini. The Travel Mart will also include speeches and presentations by experts on Nepal’s tourism sector.

This is the first time PATA Himalayan Travel Mart will be have international attendees outside of Asia. Along with neighboring countries China and India – where a large percentage of Nepal’s tourists arrive from- tourism professionals from Singapore, South Korean, bloggers and buyers from all over the world including the UK and USA -two countries where Nepal has seen an increase in tourist numbers, will also be in attendance. This could be a milestone event for Nepal’s tourism sector as the country’s tourism growth is predicted to continue through 2017 and remains a major boost to the local economy.

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