Nepal, a place for everyone!

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Stefano Lattante / I spent four days in Pokhara where I went trekking, chilled out by the lakeside and visited the famous Stupa from which it is possible to admire the entire city. Pokhara, second biggest city in Nepal with 414,000 people, is located six hours bus from Kathmandu. Pokhara is also renowned for Annapurna and the Fishtail, mountains that frame the city making the landscape incredibly majestic as if it was painted. Annapurna is also a famous destination for trekkers that with, the Everest, is the second most visited base camp in Nepal. During my two days trekking I have chatted with many people that I met on my way, that gave me a taste of their experiences in Nepal. I talked with loner travellers, groups friends, couples and families from all over the world. Here some of the experiences that I collected during my weekend in Pokhara.


Bernadette is an American woman that was travelling by herself with a guide. After a few days trekking around Annapurna she told me her story.

What made you come here in Nepal in the first place?

I wanted to come in Nepal in the 2015 but, unfortunately, I had to cancel it due to the disaster of 2015. Now, I’m happy to be here and it is admirable how the population has come up after that earthquake.

What did impress you the most during your experience in the country?

Definitely the kindness of the people. After having travelled for almost six months around Greece, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand, I can tell with no doubt that Nepali are the kindest ones.

Moving on, I got to talk with Nill and her friends, all from Taiwan, and Cyril that, with his group of friends, went trekking after he got some time off from volunteering in Nepal as a French teacher. Nill decided to come over with her friends after her visit in Tibet that made her curious enough to set off to Nepal to see all the surroundings. While Cyril decided to come here for his love for mountains and his will to help the people of this country.


How’s your experience been in Nepal been so far?

C: Pretty good, so far. I visited Kathmandu and surroundings, Chitwan and Annapurna and I have to say that Nepal met the expectations that I had before coming here.

N: I must admit that I found Kathmandu pretty busy and polluted but, what impressed me the most, have been the people around here. Everyone is so friendly and that makes it easy for tourists to go around.

Would you come back if you will ever have the chance to?

C: Yes, I would definitely come back. I love the Nepali culture and the peaceful of the mountains.

N: Sure! Next time I would like to focus more on the nature that this country offers though.

Families are another big component of the tourism in Nepal. On my way, I met the Sherrer, a lovely German family that told me their very interesting and unique story.


Where have you been in Nepal?

We are going to stay here for two weeks for the Easter break. So far, we’ve been in Kathmandu, where we started and where we visited many temples, and Pokhara, a quieter and cleaner city perfect place to bring the kids.

What do you consider a must to try once in Nepal?

For sure go trekking! The landscapes are amazing. And, of course, trying the momo. We especially love the veggies and chicken ones.


Why did you bring your kids in Nepal?

First of all, to show them a completely different lifestyle and culture but, especially to show our daughter her birthplace of which she is really proud of.

Indeed, the Scherrer adopted a girl, Jharama who is 13 years old now, that was born in Nepal but that has no memory of her birthplace. Here her experience:

How has been seeing your birthplace? Is it what you expected?

J: I found Nepal very interesting. Seeing the people living in the hoods made me realize how strong the people here are and how hard they work, because it is not easy at all living here. Discovering my birthplace and how different it is compared to Germany has been a great experience for me.

I also talked with Prakriti and John, respectively from India and Ireland, a beautiful couple that lives in Bali, Indonesia and that, while watching the sunset, found the time to answer my questions.

Has it been easy for you travelling in Nepal?

Absolutely! We organized everything through our hotel in Kathmandu.

Has your trip met your expectations?

Definitely, we would say that it exceeded them.

What has been the thing the impressed you the most so far?

Nature. Indeed, even though we were aware about it, only coming here made us realize how beautiful it is here.

Have you been trekking before? How has trekking been for you?

We never really do this kind of things honestly. Nonetheless, we must admit that although we weren’t fully prepared, the physical challenge that entails trekking gave us great fulfilment!


My last interview was with Deepak, a Nepali that has been working as a tour guide for 9 years that explained how the country developed throughout the years.

How did the country react to the earthquake? And do you think that it affected the tourism in Nepal?

For sure the earthquake has been an absolute disaster in term of deaths and nature but, in a sense, gave Nepal a bigger visibility around the world. After the disaster, there has been a bigger affluence by tourists and volunteers and the government started being more active, not within tourism, but also security and services all around the country. It is incredible seeing the people strength and how they responded to the natural catastrophe.

Nepal will pleasantly surprise you not just for the nature but also for their culture and lifestyle. So, what you waiting for? Now it’s your moment to discover Nepal!   


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